Career Development Series

Career Development Series “Panel Discussion: How to Break the Glass Ceiling- Management Experience Sharing”
(如何突破玻璃天花板 – 管理經驗談)

Time時間: March 5 (Sunday), 2-4pm下午2-4時
Location地點: Lexington Chinese School, Little Theatre (221 Concord Ave., Belmont, MA)
Language語言: Chinese for presentation, Chinese/English for discussion
Venue: Lexington Chinese School, Little Theatre (221 Concord Ave.,Belmont,MA)
Fee: Free of Charge, No registration is required. RSVP: Eventbrite

Have you ever wondered what is stopping you from moving to the next level in your career development? Do invisible barriers really exist? Does it have to do with external or internal factors? What do you need to do to demonstrate that you can lead a group and manage activities for making greater impact on business success?
Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of New England, New England Association of Chinese Professionals, and Greater Boston Alumni Association of National Taiwan University invite you to participate in the panel discussion: How to break the glass ceiling – management experience sharing.

新英格蘭玉山科技協會、紐英崙中華專業人員協會、大波士頓地區台大校友會敬邀您參加三會聯合主辦的「生涯規劃系列座談會」(Career Planning Panel Discussions),此次座談會的主題是如何突破玻璃天花板 – 管理經驗談 (How to break through the glass ceiling – Management Experience Sharing),希望您能參加。

Panelists (主講者):
Dr. Crystal Sung (宋晶晶), Scientific Director of Clinical Diagnostic, Sanofi
Dr. Lih-Ling (林俐伶), Senior Director, Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit, Pfizer
Dr. Bor-Yeu Tsaur (曹伯禹), Executive Vice President, Kopin Corporation
Dr. Edward Chiang (蔣宗壬), President, H2O Engineering Consulting

Organized by:
Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of New England, 新英格蘭玉山科技協會 MJNE (,
New England Association of Chinese Professionals, 紐英崙中華專業人員協會 NEACP (,
Greater Boston Alumni Association of National Taiwan University, 大波士頓地區台大校友會 GBAANTU (

About Panelists

<img Crystal Sung>

Dr. Crystal Sung
Dr. Crystal Sung 宋晶晶is a Sr. Scientific Director, head of Clinical Diagnostics at Sanofi. She has over 15 years of industry experience in biologics development with scientific expertise to support global R&D projects. Crystal holds a Ph.D. degree in Pathology from The Ohio State University, College of Medicine and a BS in Medical Technology from National Taiwan University. She completed her post-doctoral trainings at Northwestern University Medical School followed by Clinical Immunology Fellowship at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Prior to joining Biotech Pharma industry, she was an Assistant Professor in Tzu-Chi Medical School, Taiwan.
Crystal is a member of AAPS, AMLI and AACC. She recently joined AAPS TPIFG pre-existing antibody working group and ADA Clinical Relevance APA team.
Crystal Sung is a Diplomate of American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology (ABMLI) and currently holds CLIA high complexity lab directorship and New York State Department of Public Health certificate of laboratory director in Diagnostic Immunology and Clinical Chemistry. Crystal serves as Board of directors, Mount Jade Science and Technology Association of New England.

<img Lih-Ling Lin>

Dr. Lih-Ling Lin
Dr. Lih-Ling Lin林俐伶 is a Senior Director in Pfizer. She leads the Discovery Innate Immunity effort dedicated in the emerging science for the drug discovery effort in the Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit.
Lih-Ling graduated from National Taiwan University with a undergraduate degree in Pharmacy and Master degree in Biochemistry. She then went to University of Arizona for her graduate work, and received her PhD degree in Biochemistry. Lih-Ling Lin joined Wyeth (Genetics Institute) and contributed to the discovery of several PLC and cPLA2 family members. She then led a discovery team targeting the signal transduction pathways in innate immunity involved in the production of inflammatory mediators and cytokines (e.g. TNF). These projects include development of kinase inhibitors and Biologics targeting innate receptors and cytokines. This effort has led to the discovery of clinical candidates in treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel disease. Lih-Ling is an author of over 70 scientific papers and patents.

<img Boryeu Tsaur>

Dr. Boryeu Tsaur
Dr. Boryeu Tsaur 曹伯禹received the BSEE degree from National Taiwan University in 1977, the MS degree from Caltech (California Institute of technology) in 1978, and the Ph D degree also from Caltech in 1980. He Joined MIT Lincoln Laboratory and quickly established himself as the most productive research staff member in the Solid State Division. He subsequently served as the leader of Electronics Material group and was the youngest Group Leader in the Lab. He joined Kopin in 1997 as Executive Vice President and General Manager, responsible for the Display Business unit. Under his leadership, Kopin has become one of the most successful display technology and product companies in US. Kopin is the leader in the emerging field of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (virtual Reality) with a wide range of display products.

<img Edward Chiang>

Dr. Edward Chiang
經歷﹕M & E, Inc; 資深工程師; 查理士‧銘公司、領導工程師; 惠德曼、哈維公司副總裁兼水利總工程師; 水利顧問工程公司總裁。
其它經歷﹕先峰電子公司董事,董事長; 波士頓美洲銀行董事,董事長; 紐英崙醫療中心董事,麻省環保署顧問委員會委員。
社區服務﹕曾任大波士頓文化協會主席, 董事; 紐英崙中華專業人員協會主席、董事長; 紐英崙玉山科技協會創辦人; 波士頓南彎區及中國城小議會共同議長; 中華公所議員。現任﹕華人經濟發展協會董事長; 紐英崙專業人員協會顧問。